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Nice to meet you! I'm Maureen 👋


Welcome to my little corner of the internet :-) I am currently the Design Director at nwPlus, where lead a team of designers to create websites for Western Canada's largest hackathons. My passion lies in designing inclusive, human-centered products that make the world easier to live in.

When I'm not knee-deep in Figma, you can find me crafting jewelry for my small business, made by mieuon. I also love hiking, playing ultimate frisbee and creating pottery on the wheel ⛰️ 🥏 🪴​

At a glance:

🎓  B.Sc Cognitive Systems @ the University of British Columbia

      (expected grad: Fall 2025)

🏆  Best UI/UX Design @ Stormhacks 2022

     Top 5 Projects @ cmd-f 2022

     Best Web-Based Solution @ UXL Designathon 2023

💖 Passionate about accessible design, my cat Bagel, and perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe 🍪

⭐️ Currently seeking Summer/Fall 2024 UX/product internships!





designed the end-to-end experience of an internal-facing app for the nwPlus team, using QR codes to easily associate and manage hundreds of hacker’s information.

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designed an AI-powered application that integrates seamlessly with educational videos, analyzing content in real time to enable interactive Q&A

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a web application for grounding activities based in panic-attack first aid

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✷ passion projects ✷

some more fun things I've worked on!!

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my handmade jewelry shop

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HackCamp 2023 website design

nwHacks website cover.jpg

nwHacks 2023 website design

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TransLink Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign

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HackCamp 2022 website design

IMG_1145 8.jpg

hobbies + other creative pursuits :)

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